Macbeth: Fate or Free Will

Arts , English , Literature  (10th Grade - 12th Grade)

To avenge or not to avenge? That is the question "Hamlet" by Shakespeare

Arts , English Language Arts , Literature , TV & Cinema  (10th Grade - 12th Grade)

Yoavi's Friends Exploring "Breaking the Pig" by Etgar Keret

Arts , English Language Arts  (6th Grade - 9th Grade)

Assimilation Vs. Integration Social Integration

Arts , Civics , Life skills , Sociology , Literature , English Language Arts  (7th Grade - 12th Grade)

To Kill a Mockingbird Walk in someone else's shoes

Arts , Civics , Literature , TV & Cinema  (9th Grade - 12th Grade)

The UX Recipe UX design process discovered

Arts , Communication , Computer applications  (College)

The Glass Menagerie: memory and guilt

Arts , English , English Language Arts , Literature  (10th Grade - 12th Grade)