Fair is Foul, and Foul is Fair Vice and Virtue in Macbeth

Five soldiers overhear Macbeth and Banquo's pivotal conversation with the three witches and discuss Macbeth's merits and faults as the play's hero.

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Classes: 8th Grade - 11th Grade
Contributors : Zohar Shoshani


The class will have read Macbeth act 1, scenes 1 to 3.

Get to know the characters


Kyrk is a fresh addition to the Scottish army, although his sunny disposition has been somewhat soiled by the bloody battle.


Cowardly and quick-footed, Callum's job entails passing messages along different points on the battlefield. He has a particular fascination and fear of the supernatural.


Angus is Macbeth's sworn squire, and loyal to him in every way. He champions Macbeth and believes his valour is deserving of every reward.


A bitter, scarred man, Torrence has seen many years and many casualties of battle in his career as a medic.


Banquo's faithful squire, Ainsley, shares Banquo's considerate and virtuous nature.


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