Journey Along the Silk Road The 1st international trading route

Students will be able to step into the shoes of the 1st international tradesmen and ambassadors. During the game, they will be able to experience the obstacles and decisions that people had to make during this time period.  

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Classes: 8th Grade - 9th Grade
Contributors : Julia Weiner


Rise of transregional trade networks

Get to know the characters

Shang Yang

China is the only producer of silk and as the demand for this precious fabric increases, the stakes to produce mass quantities also continue to rise. As an ambassador for the Chinese empire, you have been working directly under the ruling dynasty.  You have met with ambassadors from places near and far, familiar and foreign. Throughout your journeys, you have become fluent in Chinese, Arabic, and Greek.


Your father used to always say to you, "Darius, when you are older, you will be the most successful businessman in all of Persia." Flash forward 20-something years and you have become just that.. You have even made friends with the royal family.


From the moment you could walk and talk, your father and brother taught you the skills being a merchant. You quickly became one of the youngest and now one of the top merchants in all of Rome!


You are a warrior for the Egyptian empire but also have traded and sold goods to support your family. Your neighborhood is depending on you to bring income into their homes.


You grew up in a large city in North India, a prospering area that has seen great benefits from the routes along the silk road. You take pride in being Indian, so make your fellow citizens proud!

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