Social Media the Blessings and Curses of Social Networks

A group of 5 from all walks of life have been suddenly kidnapped by the fearsome dictator Tono-Tono. He is interested in the opinions of these 5 Westerners in introducing a social network to the isolated country he rules, Maratahi.

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Classes: 7th Grade - 10th Grade
Contributors : Zohar Shoshani



Get to know the characters

Old-School Oscar

Oscar yearns for the good ol' days when families sat around the living room and actually spoke face to face and weren't buried in a range of devices.

New-Age Nancy

Nancy is hugely active on social media like Facebook, Vine, and YouTube and believes that these platforms open up wonderful opportunities for self expression for the new generation.

Concerned Kurt

Kurt is a parent who worries about the safety risks associated with social media. Cyberbullying, identity theft and easily accessible innappropriate content are just some of the many things that threaten users of social media.

Freedom Freida

Freida places great value in social media and the internet's ability to give a voice to those who might otherwise go unrepresented. She sees new media as a fantastic tool for promoting equality and exposing injustice.

Nerdy Ned

Technological advancement and education in the future are what really excite Ned. Social media communities have to potential to further group learning and education given the right guidelines.

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