Geography and Civilization How Mesopotamia's land shaped its society

How was Earth's great first civilization influenced by its unique geographical conditions?

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Subject: History
Classes: 6th Grade
Contributors : Zohar Shoshani


Read carefully through the relevant resources assigned to your characters.

Get to know the characters

Phuram the Farmer

Phuram is a farmhand living in Mesopotamia on the shore of the river Euphrates.

Laeus the Lawman

Laeus is an expert on all things law-related in Mesopotamia.

Taro the Trader

Taro is an experienced trader knowledgable in the trading routes and

Priest Panya

Panya is an elder Priest in one of Mesopotamia's largest Ziggurats.

Reia the Writer

Reia is an expert on the Cuneiform written language and is often consulted concerning recorded trades.

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