Robotix Inc Think like a robot and learn Computer Science principles

5 engineers at Robotix Inc are developing brand new robots and the clock is ticking before the workday ends! From snack making to high level security, these robots solve everyday problems and Robotix Inc needs your help to engineer them. 

Learn the basic principles of computer science logic and operating system design.

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Subject: Science
Classes: 7th Grade - 10th Grade
Contributors : Tali Kuhel


Define the term "decision tree" and demonstrate how to use the flowchart software included in the game.

Decision Tree = a sort of chart that outlines different options and is useful in algorithm development. 

Get to know the characters

Jerry Sai

A home life improvement engineer with attention to detail. For example, Jerry never misspells the word "vacuum." 

Sharona Colada

Sharona is a sports robot engineer. She can build robots that help you jump higher in basketball or slam a home run in baseball. 

Emille Saville

Emille builds robots for security in schools. Nothing gets past Emille and his creative innovations in robot security! 

Tobey Harlequinn

Tobey makes funny robots for parties and silly pranks. 

Xavier Maxamillian

Xavier is a food prep robotics mastermind. Hungry for a snack? Xavier's robots can whip up any food you could ever want and clean up the kitchen while you enjoy.

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