The Great Pants Profits Contest! Adding and Subtracting Rational Numbers

Luigi and Yang are the biggest pants retailers in town: on any given day you can see people walking through the streets in Luigi's woolen pants or Yang's silk pants. They have decided to compare profits to finally find out who the Town's real King of Pants is!

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Subject: Mathematics
Classes: 7th Grade
Contributors : Zohar Shoshani



Get to know the characters


An algebra and finance geek, Gregory has been an avid mathematician all his life.


Li travelled from South Korea to learn mathematics and get a job as a mathematicians in the USA.


Oskar comes from a proud family of business analysts, and he is eager to join the family business.


In school algebra was her best friend and history her greatest enemy, now Joanna enjoys a career as a business analyst and gets to practice her math every day!


Wilma always dreaded going to math class until she discovered a passion for the subject in middle school.

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