School Rules - YOU decide!

This is a participation game in which students discuss and debate on well-known school issues within a role play framework. Four players are assigned a different role at the start of the game and must discuss issues in character. 

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Classes: 10th Grade - 12th Grade
Contributors : Sharon Mainfeld, Adi Wolff



Sharon Mainfeld, Adi Wolff

Get to know the characters

  • The rebel

    You are an individual thinker. You stand behind your own opinions no matter what anyone else thinks. You are usually against the ideas of authority figures and are not in favor of new, restrictive rules. 

  • The libra

    You are a careful thinker. You always weigh both sides of the coin before coming to a conclusion. 

  • The pleaser

    You tend to respect the opinions of authority figures and believe that they know what's best for you. 

  • The indifferent

    You are not a highly opinionated person. Whenever an issue arises, the outcome is not of much consequence to you. You don't care either way because the rules don't mean much to you. 


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