Ecology Research How can we keep our environment?

How can we reduce our rubbish and keep the environment clean?

Can we recycle everything? What is organic and what isn't? Lets find out!

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Subject: English
Classes: 6th Grade - 8th Grade
Contributors : Mor Luft



Get to know the characters


You are 32 years old science teacher from Tel-Aviv, teaching high school students. You are vegetarian and a member of 'Let the Animals Live'.
Your moto is:  "Vegetarianism is more than what not to eat- It's an ideology of how life should be lived".


You are 28 years old. The owner of an asian restaurant called "Asia" in Ramat-Gan.
Your restaurant sereves many clients every day and produces large amounts of waste.


You are 24 years old swimmer from Natanya.
You started swimming when you were 7 years old and competed in several contests around the country.


love the beach 


You are 42 years old literature teacher from Haifa. You teach high school students in a poverty neighbourhood.

You teach for 15 years and like your profession very much. Your students really appreciate you.

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