Wonder Woman - A Real Heroine?

This game lets you discover what makes a hero and specifically look at the role of Wonder Woman. In looking at the character of Wonder Woman, we can discover different aspects of heroism.  Is Wonder Woman really a heroine? Let’s find out together!    

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Classes: 8th Grade - 12th Grade
Contributors : Keren Zadik and Kim Naim


Familiarity with the Wonder Woman franchise and the latest Wonder Woman movie (2017) as well as having an idea of what makes a hero    

Get to know the characters

Diana Price / Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a DC Comics character that was raised as an Amazon princess warrior on a far-away island. She has never left the island until she meets Steve Trevor who tells her what is going on in the “outside world.” She thinks she can help and is able to unleash her powers while helping the war effort.    

Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot was born and raised in Israel and started modeling and acting in Israel and was eventually discovered by American agents. She held a few movie roles before becoming Wonder Woman. 

Steve Trevor

Steve Trevor is an American fighter pilot and spy and the love interest of Diana in the story. 

James Miller

Grew up in middle America, currently in 9th grade. 

Shelly Stuart

Grew up in Upstate New York, currently in 11th grade    


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