Save the elephants Time, Velocity & Distance Calculations

Math could be fun and engaging. Africa...The serengeti reserve...Herd of elephants. 

124 is a group of dedicatd volunteers, with the slogan: Any mission, Anywhere, Anytime. 

This time they are called to save a herd of elephants that has ran into trouble. 

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Classes: 7th Grade - 8th Grade
Contributors : Mona Massarawh (Tichonet), Roni Zehavi (To-Be)


Practicing Time-Speed-Distance challanges. 

Mona Massarawh (Tichonet), Roni Zehavi (To-Be)

Get to know the characters

  • James Truck

    Jimmy is an Off-road driver in the Sarangeti for many years. 

    Being raised in the range all his life, he knows every corner and path.

    About a year ago, James managed to secure a truck with a male Rhino drifted in the river. Since then, he is considered the best off-road driver in Africa. 

  • Dr. Ele Phantia

    Following her graduation at the University of Amsterdam as a qualified Vet. as best student of her class, Dr. Ele moved to Gaborone - the capital city of Botswana.

    Ele has dedicated her life to protect the wild life in Africa, an extremely chalanging mission in a period where hunting is out of control.

    In her home, Ele raises a Giraff cub found wounded near his mother after being killed by hunters, and two Chimpanzee monkeys she has adopted from their birth. 

  • Rainy Sun

    Rainy has graduated her Meteorolgy stutying with great success in the university of London. 

    Thereafter, she has taken a decision to become a Meterologist in the tropical regions of the planet, mainly Africa and Brazil.

    Her vast understanding of weather phenomenon and rainfall behavior, turned her into a highly demanded advisor for delegations in those arreas.

  • Mike Valve

    Assembling, disassembling and inventing machines since infantry.

    Mike broke apart his father's car's engine when he was 10, "only to see how it works"...

    Well known as number 1 in handling off-road vehicles across Arica, and rescuing them in tough conditions. 


  • Joe Safary

    The Chief Security Officer of the Resesrve in the past 4 years.

    After 17 years in the Marine corps, including active time in Afganistan, Joe saw a movie about elephants hunting in Africa, and has taken a decision to move to Botswana and become a security officer in the range.

    In the past 4 years on duty, Joe has already arrested 12 illegal hunters.


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