The Pursuit of Moby Dick Obey or Rebel

It is 1820. You are in the ship Pequod under the commander of Captain Ahab. The mission is a whales hunting; their valuable fat is a great promise for significant profit.

But it soon becomes apparent that you are in a conflict:

The captain, Ahab, said he must demand a change in the purpose of the journey. He argued that he must chase Moby Dick, a giant white whale that few years earlier caused him to lose his leg. Ahab claims that pride is more important than money. He must kill Moby Dick, it’s a matter of saving his face and save profession.   

In contrast, Starbuck, the first mate, opposed the idea. He says we are here to make a living and not to endanger ourselves for saving his face.

Who will you support?

Each one of you is tasked with a different opinion. Share it to others and try to reach an agreement.

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Classes: 10th Grade - 12th Grade
Contributors : Yochy Shelach


Reading Melville's novel "Moby Dick"

Yochy Shelach

Get to know the characters

  • Ishmael

    Sailor onboard the hunters ship Pequod. A lonely, orphan young man that seeks adventure

  • Starbuck

    First mate of the whaling ship Pequod is a thoughtful guy, cautious and a member of Quakers religious community  ... he came to the ship to work and earn a tidy sum.

  • Stubb

    Skilled and experienced whaling men.   A Happy person by nature that believes in fate, and therefore is not concerned about the dangers. Nevertheless, in a pinch remembers to pray to God… just in case…

     His distinguished mark is his eternal pipe.

  • Flask

    Flask is a third captain of the Pequod. He is short, sturdy and solid with a combative nature. He takes lost to whales as a personal insult, and Scrappy with them.

  • Ahab

    The captain of the Pequod. Stormy man, charismatic and impressive, with extensive experience in whales hunting. Lost his leg during a failed attempt to hunt down Moby Dick, a giant white whale. Has become the pursuit of Moby Dick an obsessive vendetta.


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