Cinderella's Dilemma What really happened to Cinderella that special night at the Royal Ball?

Cinderella is a 17 years old girl who lives with her father, her evil stepmother and 2 foolish step sisters – who love taking selfies, surfing online, going out till the late hours of the night and easily caving into peer pressure. The King has decided that the time has come for his son, the 18 year old prince, to find a wife!

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Classes: 7th Grade - College
Contributors : Alexandra Yakren & Doron Kol


Familiarity with Cinderella's tale.

Three articles on the following subjects:

1. Damages Caused by Lack of Sleep

2. The Importance of Active Social Life among Adolescents

3.Peer’s Pressure


Alexandra Yakren & Doron Kol

Get to know the characters

  • The limousine driver

    I am a goose, who was turned into a human being by magic which has an expiration date, more precisely an expiration time. I am very impatient!

    I have to be back home at 12 o’clock, midnight, sharp before I turn back to being a goose! I do not care if Cinderella comes on time or not! I leave at 23:50! And I will start texting her at 23:30 to remind her that I am going at 23:50!!!!!!!! 

  • The Prince

    I am the Prince. I am eighteen years old. I love horseback riding and falling in love with beautiful girls. I always keep my word no matter what happens.

    Cinderella is the perfect girl for me! I love her and I want her to be my wife! At midnight, I will announce that she is my bride, and then I will take her for a night walk in the Royal Gardens. They are so beautiful at night! After we walk, talk and kiss a lot, I will call a special Royal Taxi to take her home.

  • The-Fairy-Godmother

    I am the Fairy-Godmother. I am 568 years old, but thanks to my magic I look 27. I have never been a Godmother to a teenager. They require a great deal of attention! I need to keep Cinderella safe from any harm until she becomes an adult. Therefore, I will help her to go to the ball, but Cinderella must be home on time! She must have a full night sleep. In addition, she does not know The Prince and cannot stay with him all night long.

  • Minderella

    I am Cinderella’s best friend! We have been friends since I remember myself! We take each other’s advice and love to spend time together. I am engaged to the prince of the next kingdom, and Cinderella must marry The Prince so we can be queens together. In addition, we are teenagers! These are our golden years! We are supposed to party all night and sleep all day!! YOLO!!!!!!

    I know she loves The Prince and that he loves her. They must marry one another and live happily ever after. Cinderella must be the one to marry The Prince at all costs!

  • The evil stepmother

    I have married Cinderella’s father because I thought he is a rich business man! However, he always travels and I cannot ask him for his Platinum Isracard! I thought that if I marry him I will be richer than before, but it is not enough! I need to marry one of my precious daughters to The Prince. He must choose one of them at the ball and not Cinderella!

    Cinderella thinks that I am old and that I did not notice her at the ball?! She will not steal The Prince away from my daughters; moreover, tomorrow in the “special cleaning day”! She must have a good night sleep to be able to work all day long! I will make her go home early even though I really do not care about her.


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