Michael Jordan book report

People in every country know the name Michael Jordan - the most famous basketball player in the world. 

How did Michael Jordan become a famous basketball player? Who encouraged him throughout his way to the top of the NBA league? Who told him that he wasn't good enough? 

Take a part in making Michael Jordan the player that we all know!
Meet the people in Michael Jordan's life, become one of them and play their role.  


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Classes: 10th Grade - 12th Grade
Contributors : Shunit Harush


Read the book "Michael Jordan" by Nancy Taylor. 

Shunit Harush

Get to know the characters

  • James Jordan

    You are Michael's Dad. When your kids are young, you build a big basketball court for them and their friends in the family's back yard. You lay the foundations for Michael's first basketball school.  You encourage all of your kids to play sports.  

    When you find out that Michael skips school to play basketball, you tell him that basketball is important but so is High School. 


  • Deloris Jordan

    You are Michael's mother. You want your son to be successful and happy. 
    When he starts playing basketball for the school team you are happy for him, and support his activities. 

    However, when Jordan is in college (University of North Carolina) he wants to join the NBA. You insist that he finishes his four years at UNC , and only then, try to get into the NBA league. Education is very important for you. 

  • Larry Jordan

    You are Michael's older brother and best friend. You also play basketball- you are a better player than Michael until high school. After Michael joins the 'A' team, and becomes the best player, you envy him a little but you don't say anything. 

  • Phil Jackson

    You are the Chicago Bulls basketball coach. You want Michael to come and play for your team. You are very creative, and Michael respects your ideas and opinions. 


  • Michael Jordan

    You are the young Michael Jordan at the beginning of his carrier as a basketball player. As a teenager you played baseball, football and basketball. You are a good player in all three sports. In addition, you are a good student and you can continue for a Masters degree. You are confused and trying to decide what you want to do with your life. 


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