Food For Thought A proposal for the school cafeteria

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The school administration is looking for a company to manage and run the local cafeteria.
For this purpose, it publishes a tender that addresses the following:

  1. Prices of the products
  2. Employment conditions
  3. Nutritional value of the food

You are invited to participate (and maybe win) the tender.

Good luck!

(The game is a competition between the different groups in the classroom)

Classes: 6th Grade - 7th Grade
Contributors : To Be Education


Understanding the following concepts: algebraic equations, equations straight line, ratios and proportional relationships.

To Be Education

Get to know the characters

  • Michelin

    He is an excellent cook. Does not compromise on any part for the culinary experience. He is always looking for the highest quality materials, even if they are expensive.

  • Sally

    She is professional accountant who is a fierce activist for fair employment conditions. She is an expert on the topic.

  • Electra

    She has a PhD in electrical engineering. Her job is to monitor electricity use in the cafeteria, so that it both saves energy and is economical.

  • Mr. Best

    His job is to provide the most suitable products for the cafeteria, whether it's food, appliances or anything else.

  • Mrs. Quinoa

    She has a PhD in nutrition. Given the conditions of the tender, she must recommend only healthy foods for the cafeteria.


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