King of the Jungle

Who is the real King of the Jungle?

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Classes: 5th Grade - 6th Grade
Contributors : Ryan Perchaluk and Idan Gad


Knowledge of animal names, basic adjectives, construction of basic Present Simple "To Be" sentences.

Ryan Perchaluk and Idan Gad

Get to know the characters

  • Leo the Lion

    You are strong and brave. You are a born leader. You live in the jungle with your family. You were born and you grew up in this jungle, so you know every tree, every animal, and where to find the freshest water. Your dad is the King of the Jungle, but he wants to change jobs. Your family wants you to take your father’s job, but you are still not sure if you want to do that, or if you want to follow your old dream of becoming a football player. Your best friend is Tim the Tiger.

  • Tim the Tiger

    You are sneaky and clever. You do not know a lot about ruling the Jungle, but you are friendly and popular. Your friends love you and always feel comfortable to share their problems with. Your best friend is Leo the lion. You know many of Leo’s secrets. You think Leo is a good guy, but you are not sure he'll make a good king.

  • Mike the Monkey

    You are nice and fun. You love to swing from the trees and eat bananas. You think Leo the Lion is too rich and that he does not understand the life of the common jungle animal. You have a very funny sense of humor, and many other animals think you are not serious. This time, you are going to be the most serious candidate. You are going to talk about all the problems in the jungle and how to solve them.

  • Sally the Snake

    King of the Jungle? Why not Queen? You think it is time for a woman to rule the jungle. You are sly and smart. You want to change the world, and you also think animals with four legs have too much power. All of your time slithering in the grass helps you see the jungle in a different way than the others. You want to give a voice to all the small, poor animals who feel like no one hears them.


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