The Other Mr. Know All Let’s walk in the other’s shoes

This game gives you an insider's view into the backgrounds and motivations of the characters participating in the dinner scene of the short story Mr. Know All (by :Somerset Maugham). Through observing the relationship between Mr. Kelada and the other characters, this becomes a tale of prejudice, stereotyping and pre-convictions.


Game Script | Preview
Classes: 10th Grade - 12th Grade
Contributors : Noa Israeli & Donna Meir


Mr. Know All by Somerset Maughan

Noa Israeli & Donna Meir

Get to know the characters

  • The narrator

    You are a nameless white Englishman travelling by ship from San-Francisco to Japan. You would rather not have anyone else as your cabin mate. You are disdainful to British citizens with colonial origins. You don’t like having to share a cabin with Mr. Kelada.

  • Mr. Kelada

    You share your cabin with the narrator. You are friendly, open and loud. You like to be part of everything that is going on and you consider yourself an expert in many things. Because of all that you become known to the other passengers on the ship as “Mr. Know All”.

  • Mr. Ramsay

    You are travelling back to Japan with your wife after a long separation period. You are a confident man who does not like to be challenged.

  • Mrs. Ramsay

    You are travelling to Japan with your husband after spending a year in New-York on your own. The day before you left New-York you had returned to the hotel with a pearl necklace. You told your husband you had bought it for $18 at the department store.


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