The Lion King: Simba – Returning Home Will Simba come back to the Pride Lands?

This game brings you inside the mind of the great Simba! The son of Mufasa and the right heir to rule the Pride Lands.

When he was a young cub, Simba saw his father's death. His uncle, Scar, made Simba believe that Mufasa's death was Simba's fault (Even though it was Scar, who murdered the king). Thus, he hastily fled away. He got to the jungle, where he met two lovely animals; a meerkat called Timon and a warthog called Pumbaa. Quickly Simba, Timon and Pumbaa became best friends, and now they live the good life in the jungle. They eat delicious insects, drink shakes, lay in hammocks and basically follow the Hakuna Matata rules, which are very simple: Don't worry.

However, this morning Simba met Nala, a gorgeous lioness. Simba remembers Nala from his time as a young and royal cub. Nala told Simba that life in the Pride Lands has gone south since Mufasa's death; Scar took over the land and created a terrible dictatorship where fear and chaos dominate.
Nala asked Simba to come back with her to the Pride Lands and take back the throne that belonged to him in the first place.

Now, Simba has to decide. Should he go back with Nala to the Pride Lands? Should he stay in the jungle, keep living the good life with Timon and Pumba?

In a desperate act, Simba decides to open a WhatsApp group, where he adds all of the characters that might influence his decision: Nala, Timon and Pumba, Scar and even Mufasa's spirit.

What will Simba decide? It all depends on who is going to convince him the best.            

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Classes: 7th Grade
Contributors : Asaf Yanko, Sivan Shulman


Familiarity with the story The Lion King. 

Asaf Yanko, Sivan Shulman

Get to know the characters

  • Timon and Pumbaa

    You are Timon and Pumbaa. A meerkat and a warthog that are best friends. As both of them have the same agenda, you talk for them both. You live in the jungle, where you just have fun all day. One day, years ago, you met the cutest lion cub, Simba. You took him under your wing and taught him everything about the Hakuna Matata philosophy. Since he grew up, you have enjoyed the fact that you have a predator on your side. Besides, you love Simba as a friend and love hanging out with him, drinking shakes, eating delicious insects and basically having the time of your life in the jungle.   

  • Nala

    You are Nala. You had grown up as Simba's best friend. Until he vanished one day and you have never seen him again. Meanwhile, Scar, The cruel brother of Mufasa – the previous king, took charge of the Pride Lands. He destroyed the harmony that existed between all animals and created a land of fear and chaos.

    Not only that, now Scar, in a wish to have ancestors, wants to have you as his queen. There's nothing more disgusting for you than this. You would never do it.

    This morning as you went hunting in the jungle, you met Simba! The cute cub has grown up and now he is a strong and especially handsome lion. Immediately you fall in love with him.

    A wonderful idea pops up in your mind: you ask Simba to come back with you to the Pride Lands and reclaim the throne of his father, the rightful king! This way the Pride Lands can go back to being in harmony and also you won't need to marry the terrible Scar.

  • Scar

    You are Simba’s uncle and Mufasa’s brother. You schemed to kill Mufasa and take over the kingdom. In order to secure your role and place as a king you convinced Simba to flee to the jungle and not come back to the Pride Lands. Meanwhile you rule the Pride Lands aggressively. You let the other predators do as they like, which creates fear and chaos among the animals. Not too long ago, you decided to have ancestors to be your heirs, so you want to have Nala the lioness as your queen. You absolutely don't want Simba to ever come back and challenge your status to the throne.

  • Mufasa's Spirit

    You were the beloved king of the Pride Lands. During your time, the kingdom thrived in harmony. You had a single child, Simba, which you mentored to become the successor of the kingdom and keep the harmony between all of the animals.

    One day, Simba found himself in trouble. In trying to save him, you got into trouble by yourself. When you are about to fall off a cliff, you asked for help from your brother Scar. However, Scar murders you viciously, pushing you off the cliff.

    Ever since, you watch your son from heaven and now and then give him some advice.


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