STUCK The camping mystery

Defend your character with a good argument. Solve the mystery by identifying the who wants to keep the group from going home and why.

Game Script | Preview
Classes: 9th Grade - 10th Grade
Contributors : Milaine Ilyaev


Relevant vocabulary (argument/debate)

Milaine Ilyaev

Get to know the characters

  • Simple Sam

    You are a down-to-earth teen who has a hard time making friends. You are intelligent beyond your years and find the other kids your age childish and uninteresting. Your parents encouraged you to attend the trip so that you can meet new people and try new things. Who knows, maybe even have some fun. You do enjoy the trip and make new friends, your social confidence has been boosted, you intend on keeping in touch and attending future gatherings.

  • Adventurous Alex

    You are a lover of extreme sports and the outdoors. You were in The Scouts as a kid and love to show your survival skills in nature. You attended this trip because you feel you want to teach others the useful skills of survival. You have applied to the television show “Survivor” but were rejected as a result of your bad temper. You took this rejection badly.

  • Sergeant Smith

    You were appointed by the community parents as the responsible adult on the trip. You were high ranking in the army and have much experience in the area of survival. You are cold and strict and the group fears you. Although you left the army years ago, your role is still evident in your daily well as the horrors you witnessed. 

  • Betty Bawler

    You are a sensitive girl with many phobias. As part of your therapy, your therapist and parents registered you to the trip so that you can face and overcome your irrational fears. The trip was awful in your opinion and no one understood. You fantasize about putting them in your shoes so that they will know the fear you experience on a daily basis…only then they can understand.

  • Iris

    A lover of nature and coming together.  You attend the trip with love and excitement because people and nature are your two favorite things. You are the guitar player at the campfire and the peacemaker in feuds. You get the group doing yoga and meditations every morning. Some complain when you wake them with your flute at 6am but you assure them that waking with the sun will be worth the crankiness. You enjoy every moment of the trip and could live in the woods forever.


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