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John and Marry Axelroy decided to put an end to the chaos in their bank account, and decided to receive consultation about how to manage the family's money.

When the consultant told them that their problems would be solved if their incomes were raised and expenses cut, they decided to end the consulting sessions and resolve this problem themselves.

Immediately they gathered the family members together, and got to work.


Classes: 9th Grade
Contributors : To Be Educatoin


Linear equations in two variables

To Be Educatoin

Get to know the characters

  • John

    John is a loved and appreciated high school teacher. In addition to his school salary, he earns money by being a Spanish translator and by giving private lessons. His wife is often upset with him and claims that he spends too much money on windsurfing, his hobby for the past 10 years.

    John is optimistic about the family finances.

  • Marry

    Marry is a Dentist. Despite her high salary, she spends lot of money on baking equipment and material, as well as gyms.

  • Linda

    Linda is a very special teenager. She is very smart and loves books and her ipad. She also loves beautiful cloths, and spends a lot of time on her hair. She loves music, and takes piano and drum lessons. In short, she spends a lot of the family's money. On the other hand, it must be said that she's making pretty good money babysitting for the neighbors.

  • Tom

    Skateboards are everything to him. He spends a lot of money on wheels, oils, restraints, shields, helmets, clothing, and medical care! On the other hand, since he started competing, he has already won two cash prizes. Perhaps his hobby is worthwhile.

  • Charlie

    This cute creature is the only family member that only wastes money without earning any of it. He loves expensive dog food, destroys sofas, pees on the carpets, and once bit the postman.
    This dog is an economical burden on the family, but is much loved.


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