Magna Carta: The Making of a Myth A journey into the past that shapes our present

This fascinating chapter UK history provides students with a walk-through history experience. It will bring past to life and inspire pupils’ curiosity, provide them perspective and illustrate the immediate impact of this history on their daily lives.  They will be challenges to think critically, weigh evidence, sift arguments, and develop perspective and judgment. 

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Classes: 7th Grade - 9th Grade
Contributors : Ronit Dolev (to-be)


Teachers will be familiar with: National Core Curriculum and the Magna Carta Educational Resource

Ronit Dolev (to-be)

Get to know the characters

  • Isabella of Angoulême

    King John’s wife. She canceled her engagement with French nobleman, Hugh de Lusignan, which eventually led to a war. She was only 12 when she got married. 

  • Stephen Langton

    The most important churchman on England. King John wished for another candidate and it took strike of the clergy were imposed throughout England. as well as excommunicated the king  from the sacraments and services of the Church to force John to agree.    

  • Lord Robert Fitzwalter

    Fitzwalter was married to Gunnor daughter and heiress of Robert de Valognes. Fitzwalter came to be one of the greatest men in England, and one of the most powerful ones. He served King John in the wars in Normandy in which he was taken prisoner by King Philip II of France. Was forced to pay a heavy ransom for his freedom. Was the leader of the baronial opposition against King John, and one of the twenty-five sureties of Magna Carta.

  • Norman Peasant

    Norman lives with wife, 7 children and 5 grandchildren in a small brick house. Wakes up at dawn and work until sunset. His Lord takes the income he makes; he is left with less than needed to feed his family. Peasants represent the lower level of society. Ordinary often lived together in close proximity to domestic animals, sharing their houses with cattle, sheep and pigs. With little medical services their life is short. 

  • Maggie Fortuneteller

    A mystery women that is trusted by many but trust no one. Since the age of 6 wonder between basements and attics never stay in one place too long. In the crystal ball all secrets reveal. People seek an advice a direction and encouragement. 


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