The Test - by Angelica Gibbs A short story that deals with Racism and Discrimination

'The Test' by Angelica Gibbs is a short story about the perception of White people vs. Black people which was shown back in the 1940's in America.

A young African-American woman named Marian has failed her driving test for the second time as a result of rasict inspectors. Marian is a hard working woman, she got her driving license three years ago in Pennsylvania and has a first academic degree. She works for Mrs.Ericson as her housekeeper.

Throughout her test, the inspector verbally abuses her with racist remarks and addresses her as "Mandy-Lou" which is known as a negative nickname. Towards the end of the test, Marian feels as if she can no longer tolerate the inspector's racist remarks and erupts on him.


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Classes: 7th Grade - 9th Grade
Contributors : Dana Goldstein Harary (English teacher at Makif Chet School-Rishon Le Zion-ISRAEL) & Avishay Friedler (To Be)


The class will read the story.

It is recommended to have a short preliminary discussion on Stereotypes and Racism.

Dana Goldstein Harary (English teacher at Makif Chet School-Rishon Le Zion-ISRAEL) & Avishay Friedler (To Be)

Get to know the characters

  • Marian

    The main character in the story. Works as a housekeeper at the home of Mrs. Erickson. Marianis an educated African-American woman.


  • 1st Inspector

    The first Driver examiner humiliates Marian with racist remarks only because she is a black lady. He fails her in purpose causing a traumatic experience which will continue on with her. 

  • Mrs. Ericson

    Mrs. Ericson has Marian's best interests at heart. Mrs. Ericsson is Marian's boss. She comes along with Marian to her second driving test after going through a difficult experience in the first one. She suggests her coming to Marian's test but Marian refuses.

  • 2nd Inspector

    The Second Driving examiner, causes Marian to relive her traumatic experience from her first driving test. Throughout her test, he doesn’t stop assaulting Marian and sounding racist remarks at her. He calls her all kinds of nicknames which have a strong negative connection to her being a black lady.

  • Angelica Gibbs

    (1908-1955) Author. born in New York and had a hard lifestyle. Her struggles influenced her writing. Gibbs succeeds in conveying the attitudes and prejudices of not just two men, but certainly a whole community, maybe a broader audience and how it effects one young woman.


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