Films & Dreams Four directors talk about the dream scenes in their films

In a dreamy world where everything is possible, four well-known directors ask themselves role does the dream scene in their movie play.

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  • Alfred Hitchcock

    Hitchcock was born to a poor Catholic family who believed that man was born in sin and therefore is guilty by nature ... At the age of five, as a punishment, his father sent him to the local police station, where he was locked up for five minutes...

    By the age of 26, he had already started making films - and became known as the suspense film master. When he was 40, he moved to the United States and began working for the well-known producer Selznik.

    In 1945, Hitchcock created Spellbound, including a special dream scene designed by surrealist artist Salvador Daly. 


  • Ari Folman

    Ari Folman is a respected Israeli screenwriter and film director. He started his career as a documentary director and later achieved great success in his feature films. His best-known film is "Waltz with Bashir".


  • Ingmar Bergman

    Ingmar Bergman, a theater and film director, was born in Sweden to a religious Lutheran family.

    Bergman's films deal primarily with the human psyche and its internal conflicts. He was influenced by Freud's theory of psychoanalysis and his treatment methods.

  • David Lynch

    David Lynch is an American director. His movie "Blue Velvet" became a cult movie.

    His films are characterized by many surrealist elements and seem like a dream or a hallucination


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