To avenge or not to avenge? That is the question "Hamlet" by Shakespeare

In this role-playing game, the students play Hamlet and his friends: Laertes, Ophelia,Fortinbras, and Horatio – who are asked to advise him on whether he should avenge the death of his father, or find other ways to punish Claudius.

To give him advise, they must take into account the societal demands, the fact that even some of them would like to avenge the death of their fathers, and Hamlet’s unique character.

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Classes: 10th Grade - 12th Grade
Contributors : Yochy Shelach


Reading "hamlet"

Yochy Shelach

Get to know the characters

  • Hamlet

    Hamlet, son of the late King Hamlet (Senior) and Gertrude, is a philosophy student at the University of Wittenberg in Germany. After his father’s sudden death, he quits school and returns to Denmark. That his mother, Gertrude, rushed to marry Claudius, his uncle and brother of Hamlet Senior - made ​​Hamlet feel betrayed and angry.

    One night the ghost of his dead father appears to him, accusing Claudius of killing him by dripping poison into his ear." If thou didst ever thy dear father love— Revenge his foul and most unnatural murder!" the ghost commands to appalled Hamlet.

    Hamlet swears to take revenge quickly - but then things get complicated and the revenge is delayed...

  • Ophelia

    Ophelia is the daughter of Polonius, adviser to the king, and the sister of Laertes, Hamlet's best friend. After his father’s death, Hamlet shuns her and later accidentally kills her father (thinking he’s Claudius hiding behind the curtain). Ophelia goes mad and dies by drowning in the stream.

  • Laertes

    Laertes is the son of Polonius, advisor to the King of Denmark. He is Ophelia's brother, guarding her and her advising her on how to act in her relationship with Hamlet.

    After Hamlet kills Polonius and Ophelia goes mad and dies, Laertes decides to avenge their death and plots the scheme with Claudius: To stage a duel and kill Hamlet with a poisoned sword.

  • Fortinbras

    Fortinbras Senior and Hamlet Senior had a duel, in which the loser dies and loses his kingdom to his rival. Fortinbras Senior was killed, and control over Norway was handed over to Hamlet Senior.

    Fortinbras junior is determined to regain his kingdom and power, so he recruits an army and sets course to Denmark.

  • Horatio

    Horatio is a philosophy student at the University of Wittenberg in Germany and Hamlet's best friend. He returns to Elsinore to attend the funeral of the king (Hamlet's Father)


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