A Perfect Day for Bananafish: Who are you, Seymour Glass? The "detective.com" team investigates the life and death of Seymour Glass

The private investigation team of "Detectives.com" is called to assist Muriel Glass, the young widow of Seymour Glass, in trying to figure out what happened to Seymour in the Hotel in Florida: why did he commit suicide? How does it all relate to the Bananafish?


Game Script | Preview
Classes: 9th Grade - 12th Grade
Contributors : Yochy Shelach


Mission stages:

  1. Sign up game and get your character. Each character has its own expertise.
  2. Read the story "A Perfect Day for Bananafish"
  3. Gather information from the story in order to understand Seymour, according to the expertise of the character you were assigned to.
  4. Research online according the instructions you receive - each within their own field of expertise.
  5. On the game day participate in the discussion and share with your colleagues what you have found according to the instructions you received in the game.

Yochy Shelach

Get to know the characters

  • Genia Geni

    Genia's expertise is the collection of family information and history for the benefit of clients of "detectives.com". 

    Her talent is collecting details and transforming them into a fascinating story.

  • Buddy Saul

    Buddy Saul is a psychologist. His expertise is in the impact of trauma on family life.

  • Arti Singer

    As a Literature professor, Arti is in charge of the creative side in the work of "detectives.com". She easily identifies motives and explains their role in the story.

    Her research focuses on the impact of poetry and literature on a creative soul.

  • Ben Fishman (Fishy Benjamin)

    Benjamin Fishman is a marine biology expert and a fish lover. When encountering a problem he can often be heard exclaiming "It's fishy!"

  • Valentine Aeon

    Valentine is a family therapist specializing in marriage crises. She is highly popular and many couples come to her for advice. Not all problems can be solved, but one can always listen and try to understand...


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