Jurassic Time Machine Dive into dinosaur facts

Meet Alabaster Jones, the world famous paleontologist. He has traveled through time to meet real live dinosaurs - and wants to invite you and all of your dinosaur friends to share all about yourself! 

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Classes: 2nd Grade - 4th Grade
Contributors : Tali Kuhel



Tali Kuhel

Get to know the characters

  • Steg

    "Steg" is a stegosaurus - say "STEG-oh-SORE-us" - and he is about 9 meters long. That's about the length of a school bus! When Steg is hungry he likes to eat plants but never meat, which is why we call Steg a herbivore! Steg lives in the United States of America. 

  • T-Rex

    T- Rex is a Tyrannosaurus - say "tie-RAN-oh-sore-us" - and is about 12 meter long. That's about the size of one and a half buses! T- Rex likes to eat meat, which we call a carnivorous diet. T-Rex's appetite for steaks is one of the reasons why he has 60  super sharp and pointy teeth! T-Rex lived in what we now call Canada and the United States of America. 

  • Diplo

    Diplo is a Diplodocus dinosaur - say "Dip-low-DOCK-us" - and she is about 26 meters long - that's the size of 3 buses! DIplo eats plants so we call her a herbivore. And she lived between 155-145 million years before Alabaster Jones' time.

  • C-Lo

    C-Lo is a Coelophysis - say "C-low-fie-sis" - and she is only 3 meters long. But don't be fooled by her small size, C-Lo only eats meat and a lot of it! We call her a carnivore because that means "meat eater" and we can tell that she only eats meat because of her pointy sharp teeth. 

  • T-Tops

    T-Tops is a Triceratops - say "Try - say - rah - tops" - is 9 meters long with 3 huge horns on its face! That's like a bus with 3 huge horns coming out of the front. We call T-Tops and other Triceratops like him herbivores because they only eat plants and not meat - kinda like vegetarians. 


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