Writing Editorials The case for year-round schooling

Learn all the ingredients of a good editorial and, with your team, condense that into an argument for or against Atom High adopting year-round schooling.

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Classes: 6th Grade
Contributors : Zohar Shoshani


No prerequisites, just an inquisitive mind and eagerness to learn!

Zohar Shoshani

Get to know the characters

  • Professor Fenn

    A quiet but thoughtful woman, Lucy Fenn got her start in education teaching history to high school students.

  • Steve Kristoff

    Steve was the principle of a kindergarten for 12 years, and taught there for 8 years before that!

  • Jennifer Crowley

    Mrs Crowley has a long, distinguished history advising government offices with educational policy.

  • Professor Pimmy

    After emigrating to American with her family from poorly-educated Thailand, Pimmy made it her mission to strive towards better education.

  • Dr Strauss

    Bradley Strauss got his doctorate in education from Harvard, and has been advising top colleges on educational matters for over ten years.


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