All for one and one for all? Collective Punishment in Class

Collective punishment is an effective tool to use in classroom management. Yet, it raises some ethical questions. How do you feel about it?

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Classes: 7th Grade - 12th Grade
Contributors : nataly vertkin


Before the game the class will discuss about punishment throughout history, bible and read about different examples of using collective punishment in class 

nataly vertkin

Get to know the characters

  • Mr. Back-Eyes

    Mr.Back-Eyes is the oldest teacher in the school. He doesn't have the will or the patience to investigate students. Lately though he feels that students and parents are interfering too much with the school policy.

  • Mrs. Mommy-Care

     I tell my son to not follow the group, and be your own boss. Just because other kids do or say or think something doesn't mean you should do it too. Unfortunately the concept of collective punishment undermines my authority at home and it confuses kids who try their best to do the right thing. 

  • Know -All Cal

    Know-All Cal is a student in Mr.Back-Eyes class. He  knows who made noises during Math lesson. Know-All Cal is an A student but the only subject he has difficulties with is Math. 

  • Jobe

    Jobe was the one who made noises during Mr.Back-Eyes lesson. He doesn't want to disappoint his parents because he already has too many comments in his report card. His friends know that he never confesses his misconducts in class but this time they pressure him to admit it was him. Will this time be different? NEhhhhh  

  • Princess the Principal

    Princess the principal has been the principal of the school for 5 long years. This is her last year at school and she wants it to be a meaningful  one. She has heard from the concerned Mommy-Care about the collective punishment and by Mr.Back-Eyes about the distruptive lesson and she is tangled between the two.... 


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