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Upgrade my grade Who has the authority to set the grade?

Who has the authority to set the grade? 

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Classes: College
Contributors : יונתן מנדלס

יונתן מנדלס

Get to know the characters

  • Widad

    Widad is an English teacher. she teaches in a primary school. She loves her job and takes it very seriously. she works very hard at school.

  • Kanaan

    He has 4 kids  he is evil and rude. he does not care about education or the teachers, only about his son's grades.

  • Mohammad

    He is in grade 6 and fairly kind. He is shy but knows what he wants. 

  • Abed

    He is well educated and well behaved. He is very polite and has a nice way talking with people. He is a serious educator and does not respond well to threats.  

  • Donia

    she is friendly, helpful , social and kind person


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