Make Hay While the Sun Shines Challenging the roadmap

This is a classic roleplaying game for organizations, companies and businesses facing the daily dilemma that challenges their roadmap. Is the deviation from it a golden opportunity or is a dangerous trap?

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Classes: Business
Contributors : TobeCreator


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Get to know the characters

  • Arne Dee

    Arne is 39 years old, highly respected in the market with proven results. Previously worked at that went public, people say that his ESOP shares amounted to a nice sum. He is known for being very creative and capable of finding the right technical solution to almost every problem. 

  • Produ Care

    Produ is very smart, 31 years with a computer science degree from MIT, which he completed summa cum laude. Produ is a very good listener but not a great talker and is known to be a creative thinker. 


  • Mercada Presi

    Mercada is 38 years old and one of the co-founders of BesTravel. Women do not always make it in this industry and she is committed to proving otherwise. Mercada owns an MBA from Harvard and values a strategic plan.  She is not a friendly person but known to be sharp and focused. 

  • Saleso Venta

    Saleso is 27 years old and owns an MBA from Stanford. He is young, ambitious and aims high. 

  • Serva Opera

    Serva is 42 years old, with many years of experience managing professional services teams at leading traveling companies. She is known for her superb customer relationships and a great deal of organizational experience. 


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