A Bad Reaction Balancing equations in the name of the law

There was an unexplained explosion in the lab of a college chemistry professor. The professor was severely injured. The legendary detective Ferrum takes her team to the crime scene on a mission to find out how this could have happened.

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Classes: 9th Grade - 10th Grade
Contributors : Joanna Marshall


Balancing Equations, Writing Formulas, Predicting Products

Joanna Marshall

Get to know the characters

  • Jamal

    Jamal graduated from Penn State four years ago, and has been apprenticing for Detective Ferrum for the past two years. He respects her wisdom, but feels that although he can't argue with her success, her approach is a bit dated.

  • Punit

    Adding flavor to the group, Punit is always thickening the plot with dramatic and mind blowing findings. He loves mysteries, and sometimes gets a bit over dramatical in the process.

  • Sue

    A bit on the shy side, Sue is always overlooked on the team. However, she is definitely one of the sharpest, and in the end, she always brings the missing data that solves the case.

  • Maria

    Not a likeable person by any means, and always sucking up to Detective Ferrum. She is very smart, but her arrogance makes people cringe.

  • Luis

    Luis received his doctorate in forensic science from Boston University two years ago. Shortly after, he joined Ferrum's team, and quickly became a significant and important member. Everybody likes Luis, a insightful colleague, good listener, and an overall caring guy.


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