Saving Brian! Basketball has lots of math...surprised?

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Brian Graf, an outstanding NBA basketball player, recently does not look good in the statistics. The management crew decided to work hard to find his weak points. After all, wages, nutrition, concentration, and mood are all interrelated.

Classes: 6th Grade
Contributors : To Be Education


Relationship between two quantities.

Equivalent ratios, tape diagrams, double number line diagrams, or equations

Convert measurement units

Reading graphs


To Be Education

Get to know the characters

  • Mrs. Silver

    She is an expert in economics, and an accountant by profession. She has an amazing ability to convert number of shots, minutes or rebounds to dollars. She is credited with being one of the most important personalities that account for the success of the team.

  • Dr. Mood

    He has treated over a thousand NBA players, and knows how to maximize the ability of any player. Among his controversial-but-proven methods are: placebos, cold baths and long conversations into the night. 

  • Dr. Nut

    He is an international expert in sports and nutrition. He traveled the east for many years and acquired controversial skills. Last year he changed one of the player's diet which resulted in the player gaining three inches to his height.

  • Pro. Graph

    She is a professor of mathematics at New York University. Her recently published book became a bestseller and dealt with the statistics of basketball. Thanks to her calculations, last year, she managed to raise the team's shooting percentage at 12%.

  • Linda

    Everyone knows that Linda has the greatest influence on Brian. At the end of the day, what really matters to her is her relationship with Brian and Brian's well-being outside of the sport. She is concerned with things like quality time and sleeping hours, which involve a lot of math, indeed.


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