European Imperialism The British Raj of India

Students will be able to explore the (both intended and unintended) motivations for and consequences of European imperialism. Students will demonstrate mastery of the content and their ability to cite specific textual evidence from their analysis of academic sources done in class and use them to create and support their arguments.

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Classes: 10th Grade - 11th Grade
Contributors : Julia Weiner


Over the course of the past five weeks we have conducted several in-depth investigations of European imperialism in four world areas: India, Kenya, the Congo, and Vietnam.

Julia Weiner

Get to know the characters

  • Rami

    Your grandfather was a persistent leader in the fight for the independence of India.. and is regarded today as a hero among the Indian people. He has told you countless stories of getting into raging arguments with British officers and even travelling all the way to Great Britain to protest the imperialist rule over India.

  • Shivani

    Your grandfather had a way with his words.. He was a respected man throughout India and even as the resistance became stronger and stronger, he remained level-headed and continued to act in a way that he thought was best for the greater Indian population.

  • Jane

    Your grandfather and great uncle went back and forth to India throughout their policing career. They were responsible for keeping smaller cities in order and to make sure everyone was abiding by the law. Your grandfather received a metal of achievement from the queen for his outstanding work done in India.

  • Daniel

    Your grandfather was a highly-regarded scholar throughout Great Britain and much of Europe. He specialized in British government, diplomacy, and presence in other regions. While he was an outright supporter of British imperialism, he did advocate for fair treatment and minimal involvement within the colonized regions.

  • Gabby

    Your grandfather was an infantryman that was employed by the British Indian army. He fought bravely in World War II for the British but was also heavily involved in the Indian Independence movement. 


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