Covid-19: The Elderly Dilemma Should we isolate the elderly to release the rest of us?

Lora Mein, the governor of Microcosmos state, cannot sleep at night.

Lora is the youngest governor Microcosmos ever had. Maybe this is why she has strong political opposition waiting for her to fail the coming election, a year from now. 
The Covid-19 epidemic timing can not be worse (like it's ever a good timing for an epidemic)

Lora was one of the first to announce a statewide lockdown. She successfully "flattened the curve" and enabled hospitals some time to get organized. Now, when things look a bit better, she is considering to gradually remove the lockdown.

Some prominent voices (mainly from the opposition) demand to isolate the elderly (65 and older) and protect them while the rest of the population are released from the lockdown - enabling an economical recovery.

Governor Lora is asking for your advice...

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Get to know the characters

  • Gena Eco

    Gena is a brilliant young economist. She is only 45 and already the Chief Economic Advisor for the state of Microcosmos. Her financial models had great success so far. She is one of the reasons for Microcosmos' flourishing economy and for the popularity of governor Lora Mein.

    Up until the pandemic outbreak, unemployment rate was 2% and the median household income was around $65,000. During the enforced lockdown, The underemployment rate increased by 23.3 points to 25.3%


  • Prof. George Doc

    Prof. George Doc started his career as an infectious diseases expert. He ran the epidemiological department in the biggest hospital in the country and in a few years became the GM.

    Today, at the age of 70, he is Commissioner of Health for Mircrocosmos State. In the past three years he has successful led a reform in the country’s hospitals and clinics. Costs were reduced while services improved. He is a well known and highly appreciated figure in the current administration.


  • Dr. Gloria Frued

    Dr. Frued (Not associated with Zigmond…) is a regional medical psychiatrist. She specializes in psychogeriatrics. In the past five years she advised the governor on mental health issues.

    At the age of 66 she has already announced her wish to retire and travel around the world. The Covid-19 crisis jammed her plans and the governor asked her to stay another year and help.


  • Briana Brister

    Briana Briskter is a lawyer and a legal researcher. After years of teaching and studying constitutional law, she became the governor’s legal advisor and one of the most influential people in governor Mein's administration.

  • Paul Nathaniel

    Even when he was young, Paul Nethaniel knew he wanted to practice philosophy. In the past 20 year he was occupied with moral and ethical issues. He is also an expert in theology and biblical research, always seeking for up-to-date implementation of religious thinking.


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