A Period of Change: Industrialization The impact of transformations on American society

The Industrialization era brought about great social, economic, political, and technological change in the United States during the latter part of the 19th century. Students will get the chance to explore different events and innovations that were a catalyst to this transition period in American History. The prerequisites and resources that are provided will build knowledge and create opportunities for deeper inquiry and understanding around American Industrialization. 

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Classes: 7th Grade - 8th Grade
Contributors : Julia Weiner


Read: (1) Modern America is Born, (2) Hostile Employers See Yourselves As Others Know You, (3) Robber Barons & Rebels (p.175-184)

RH.6-8.1: Cite specific textual evidence to support analysis of primary and secondary sources.

RH.6-8.6: Identify aspects of a text that reveal an author’s point of view or purpose (e.g., loaded language, inclusion or avoidance of particular facts).

WHST.6-8.1: Write arguments focused on discipline-specific content.

Julia Weiner

Get to know the characters

  • Molly

    You came to the United States 3 years ago with your mother, father, and 2 brothers. Going through the immigration process at Ellis Island was rough and by now, seems like a blur. Downtown New York City is your new home, but is it what you expected?

  • Patrick

    For most of your life, you grew up on a farm in rural Pennsylvania. A few months ago your father and uncle left for Detroit in search for a factory job. As your dad's pickup truck was pulling away, you jumped on the back and haven't looked back since.

  • Rose

    Last year you left your hometown of St. Louis to visit your cousins in Chicago for the summer. It was your first time on a train and you can't stop talking about it. 

  • Joshua

    Born in the Lower East side of Manhattan, your family of 5 lives in a cramped, 1 room apartment. You have been working 6 days a week in a garment factory for the past 3 years.

  • Stella

    You grew up in a middle class home right outside of Charleston, South Carolina. As an African American living in the south, life can be difficult. Your mama always taught you to look on the brighter side of life! Your happiest when a family friend comes over to teach you math and English lessons.


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