Yoavi's Friends Exploring "Breaking the Pig" by Etgar Keret

Yoavi, the hero of the short story by Etgar Keret "Breaking the Pig", is growing up. The story closes with an open ending, where Yoavi "sets his pig free" in a field close by. Our story begins here. Yoavi doesn't know whether he should tell his father the truth about what he did. He has five close friends that he invites over in order to help him out with this situation. Some encourage him to lie, and the others want him to tell the truth.

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Classes: 6th Grade - 9th Grade
Contributors : To Be Education


Reading the short story "Breaking the Pig" by Etgar Keret

To Be Education

Get to know the characters

  • Obbie

    Obie is a good friend of Yoavi. 

    Obie is an "A" student, and always excels at everything he does. He loves rules, and has no problem obeying them. Some other students find him annoying because he is a goody-two shoes.

  • Molly

    Molly has always been known to be "ahead of her time". She is the person to go to for mature advice. She is smart, curious, and independent. She is very knowledgeable in many subjects and always stands up for what she believes in, even in confrontations with her elders, like her parents. She has two younger siblings, and feels that she is responsible for them. She believes in always telling the truth, even if it may hurt sometimes.

  • Rev

    Rev is a rebel. He is confident about his beliefs, and doesn't believe in his changing behavior to please others. He thinks that Yoavi is a fool because he does everything that his parents tell him to do.

  • Lulu

    Lulu loves bubble gum, especially when they're super sticky so that she can place them under her chair. She hates rules and doesn't understand why she has to follow them. She's wild, and often disturbs the classroom. She doesn't mind listening to adults, but as soon as she doesn't agree, she fades away.

  • Miles

    Miles loves skateboarding. His parents often take it away from him because they catch him without a helmet. He hates rules and thinks that older people are lame. He doesn't see any reason to listen to them. He resents people who follow rules in general.


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