The UX Recipe UX design process discovered

A new student that just joined a UX course, after missing five lessons due to a sickness, is given an assignment. She's completely lost and doesn't know how to start her project. Her colleagues decide to help her out and tell her all about UX and its process.

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Classes: College
Contributors : Orit Zetouni Sade


Some knowledge of interactive design.

Orit Zetouni Sade

Get to know the characters

  • Lilly

    Lilly is a bookworm, she loves to research everything, and get down to the "nitty-gritty" details. She loves her UX class, and loves to share her knowledge. She is particularly interested in user research.

  • Brandon

    Brandon loves strategy. He is really good at defining the brand strategy, from its attributes to business goals.

  • Frank

    Frank loves content and interfaces, and this is why wireframing is his favorite part of the process. He will explain the process and importance of wireframing.

  • Layla

    Layla loves visuals, and especially loves making things pixel perfect. This is why creating the visuals is her favorite part. She will explain the visual design research, from moodboards to creating the visual brand.

  • Laura

    Laura is all about the user. She deeply believes that a good product can only be created with the user's input. Laura's favorite part of the process is user testing.


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