To Vend or Not to Vend Should aspartame be available to students?

Help the Central HIgh School Prinicpal decide if he  should remove the any drink containing the artificial sweetener aspartame from the school vending machines 

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Classes: 9th Grade - 10th Grade
Contributors : Joanna Marshall, Kate Konkel, Kevin Trow and Brian Vander Ark


Knowledge of writing and naming formulas 

Joanna Marshall, Kate Konkel, Kevin Trow and Brian Vander Ark

Get to know the characters

  • Dr. Cammy Stree

    Dr. Cammy Stree is a chemist who works for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a quality control engineer.  Her main job is to make sure that the nutritional information that is printed on food and beverage products that are sold to the general public is accurate.  In addition to checking the purity of these ingredients, she is also tasked with understanding the waste products that are created once they have been processed by the human body.Dr. Stree received her undergraduate degree in chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley, and subsequently earned her masters degree in Food Science from the University of Massachusetts

  • Dr. Ricky Simmons

    With a Bachelors of Science in Nutrition and a PhD in Exercise Physiology, Ricki’s main purpose is research – constantly exploring the potential of the human body.  As a member of the American College of Sports Medicine, he teaches advanced health and fat loss strategies to audiences across the world – many of which you can find featured in international magazines and in scientific publications, and on websites across the globe.  In his free time, he enjoys sweating it out to the oldies

  • Sarah Moonbeam

    Sarah is a vegan who only eats raw foods. She runs a blog about eating vegan and organic food. Her blog is funded by the ads from the natural foods placed on her website. She has no background or education in nutrition or any medical degree. She believes that any artificial sweetener is poison. 

  • Maliq Johnson

    Maliq  is a  Certified Public Accountant or CPA  who has two students that attend Central High School. He is undecided about whether or not drinks containing aspartame should be removed. 

  • Lisette Ramos

    Lisette Ramos has owned a health food store for fifteen years. She maintains a website for her store where she posts articles written by Sarah Moonbeam. She is opposed to selling and consuming genetically modified foods ( gmo's). She is concerned about chemicals in the food that she sells. She has no background education in nutrition or medical degree. 


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