Save the elephants - Game Script Time, Velocity & Distance Calculations


Good morning 124 Team. You are missioned to assist a herd of elephants in stress.

As you well know, the problem of hunting has escalated recently. Cruel hunters have been identified in the area, aiming to kill elephant cubs.

Take the time to learn your character and the details of the mission, using the links available to you.    


James Truck Off-road driver

Jimmy is an Off-road driver in the Sarangeti for many years. 

Being raised in the range all his life, he knows every corner and path.

About a year ago, James managed to secure a truck with a male Rhino drifted in the river. Since then, he is considered the best off-road driver in Africa. 

Your Task

You have been chose to drive the truck carrying sacks of drags to the elephants in the range.

we fully trust your well known judgement, your driving skills and sense of responsibility. The herd is in stress, and there is absolutely no room for mistakes!

The elephants destiny is in your hands!




Scene - 01

Dr. Ele Phantia Veterinarian

Following her graduation at the University of Amsterdam as a qualified Vet. as best student of her class, Dr. Ele moved to Gaborone - the capital city of Botswana.

Ele has dedicated her life to protect the wild life in Africa, an extremely chalanging mission in a period where hunting is out of control.

In her home, Ele raises a Giraff cub found wounded near his mother after being killed by hunters, and two Chimpanzee monkeys she has adopted from their birth. 

Your Task

You were selected to lead the rescue team in carrying the medical drags to the herd.

Your familiarity with the elephants way of life - especially at that time of year, together with your vast knowledge and expertise - would serve you well while facing the challange.

Time is of the essence!!!

We trust your professional skills and profound comprehension of the situation's complexity.  




Scene - 01

Rainy Sun Meteorologist

Rainy has graduated her Meteorolgy stutying with great success in the university of London. 

Thereafter, she has taken a decision to become a Meterologist in the tropical regions of the planet, mainly Africa and Brazil.

Her vast understanding of weather phenomenon and rainfall behavior, turned her into a highly demanded advisor for delegations in those arreas.

Your Task

You have agreed to accompany the rescue delegation evethough you are deeply engaged with another project these days, only because you recognize the importance of  their mission.

Your advise is highly appreciated between the team members.

We trust your advise, no matter how unpopular it may be. 



Scene - 01

Mike Valve Mechanic

Assembling, disassembling and inventing machines since infantry.

Mike broke apart his father's car's engine when he was 10, "only to see how it works"...

Well known as number 1 in handling off-road vehicles across Arica, and rescuing them in tough conditions. 


Your Task

You were chosen to be a member of the team since the track may be tricky at times, and knowing that in case of a mechanical problem with the truck - only you have the skills to fix it.

We fully trust your experience and serene character at times of stress.



Scene - 01

Joe Safary Guard

The Chief Security Officer of the Resesrve in the past 4 years.

After 17 years in the Marine corps, including active time in Afganistan, Joe saw a movie about elephants hunting in Africa, and has taken a decision to move to Botswana and become a security officer in the range.

In the past 4 years on duty, Joe has already arrested 12 illegal hunters.

Your Task

You were chosen to be the delegation's special guard.

Your acceptace to take the job is based on your concern that the group of hunters currently approaching the herd are especailly danger and cruel. 

Should the team face the hunters, there is no one to trust but you!

Get your equipment and be prepared to any scenario. 



Scene - 01

Scene 1: Save the elephants


Public Message

Good morning all!

You have just recieved a mission order. A herd of 10 elephants are desperate for medical treatment, and you should do everything possibe to be there under an hour with a load of medical drags. The drags are packaged in sacks, and every elephant requires in average 5 sacks per 24 hours.

However, there is a huge dilemma: which way is the best way to carry out the mission?

There are 2 options:

1. Giraffe Path (marked as dashed line on the map). A notorious short cut. While being substantially shorter than the road, it is a tough challenge for trackes ona dry day, not to mention a rainy day.

2.  The paved road. The easiest way from the camp to the elephant location would be to take the Rhino road, turn left to the Zebras road, and left again to the Monkies road. It is suitabe for trucks disregard their load and weather conditions, yet it is more than 3 times longer than the path. 

You are to thoroughly read the Mission Order brief, and send it over to your teacher once cmpleted. 

Be aware that updates that might arrive once the game has commenced, as you will be asked to submit your vote at the end of the scene.




Private (Shortly After previous message)

James Truck:

You are the driver, and in spite what they all think – this is your own responsibility. The Path is very problematic to drive, especially if it rains.

You are for the road.



Dr. Ele Phantia:

You fully understand the urgency in getting to the herd before it gets too hot in the sun. You have crossed the path many times before with no problems whatsoever.

Time is of the essence!

You are for the Giraffe Path 

Rainy Sun:

They all look up at you, knowing that rain may be a big thing in that mission. Indeed the sky are cloudy, but this is not exceptional in that season, and doesn’t mean rain.

Besides, you like adventures!.

You are for the Giraffe path.

Mike Valve:

After checking the old truck, you recognize its poor condition. Every mechanical problem would mean mission abort.

There is no place to take a chance.

You are for the roads.

Joe Safary:

You know well how many “Smart guys” were stuck in the Path, after entering there with no experience at all, just for show off.

This is no game! The Path is tricky and deceiving.

You are for the roads.


Public Message (Shortly After previous message)

Weather Channel Information: the wind gets stronger, buy there is no rain.

It is best to avoid any delays. 


Private (a while after previous message)

James Truck:

You took a short ride and the truck is not at its best to say the least, not to mention the fact that there is some pressure lost on the front left wheel.

Consider reducing weight by about 35LB, after checking with Doctor Ele.

Without reducing weight, taking the Giraffe path means replacing a wheel now.

Dr. Ele Phantia:

You have just received a call from a helicopter pilot that has just landed from his morning routine sortie over the reserve. He reports 2 lying elephants down in the area you are heading – one mature and one cub.

By your experience, a fainted elephant may require 1.2 times more of that drag.

Rainy Sun:

The wind blows from the west, which could be a sign for rain, even though – at that season it is rare. Here is a letter from a friend from two weeks ago:

“In the evening, just as it was time to leave for the airport on the way home, it started to rain. Suddenly. A strong, pouring rain, the one that wets you down to your bones as you cross the 10 feet to your car. It lasted for an hour or so without stopping”.

Should you share this information with the team? 

Mike Valve:

Jimmy doesn’t say much, but he seems worried. You know why…There is a low air pressure in the front left wheel. You did replace a tire last week, but it feels odd. We have to reduce weight, even if the Doc is against it.

Weather seems bad to you – not that you are a Meteorologist or something, but maybe it is best to replace the wheel now. If everyone helps, it would take no more than 10 Mins. If we have a puncture in the path – we are doomed.   


Joe Safary:

There is a report on the Radio Guards channel about an Elephant hunting group that left 20 minutes ago from Finger lake heading the herd.

It is 35miles from the lake to the herd.

Between the camp and the “Rhino – Zebras” roads junction it is 60 Kms, and between the junction and the lake it is 13miles.

Usually, the hunters are using an ATV (All Terrain Vehicle), which goes 25Km/h maximum.

It would be great if you could get to the junction before the hunters and arrest them there. Can you?


Public Message (a while after previous message)

Team - verify your calculations!. even the smallest mistake could be critical.



[username] having heard all your team mates and considering all the information - please state your personal opinion on the dilemma: should the team take the roads or the Giraffe path?

As a reminder: once chosen, there is no way back!

Option 1
Giraffe path
Option 2

Ending message for when most people voted for option

Option 1

Wow, that was close! Your decision to take the road nearly caused you to get there too late, altough you have correctly caonsidered the rain. 

Be prepared to the next episode of: "Save the Elephants"

Option 2

Wow, that was close!!! your decision to take the Giraffe path was almost the biggest mistake you have made in your life! Luckily, the rain was brief, and Mike managed to pull the truck out of the mud.

Be prepared to the next episode of: "Save the Elephants"

Discussion Points

1. In what way did the calculations assist you in your decision?


2. Which decisions in your life are calculated and which are intuitive?


3. In what way was that decision relevant to you?