adianddorit - Game Script englishdebate


You are beginning a new year. The teacher claims that this year will be different. Instead of focusing on reading skills and exams, the students will focus on their speaking skills and take part in debates. Instead of writing exams, they will have to submit papers.


The teacher, Dorit, thinks that this will help the pupils develop their language skills in a practical way.

The head of the student council, Adi, thinks this will not prepare the students for the Bagrut exam and decided to rally the other students against Dorit's decision. 

Another student, Hilla, supports this decision and thinks it's a good idea to change the lessons so the pupils can iprove their language skills.



Dorit Teacher

Dorit is a very talented English teacher. She cares a lot about her students. She feels that the students need to improve their speaking skills so they can know how to manage a conversation in English.

Your Task

Dorit is caring and stubborn, she will defend her decision to teaching speaking skills and not reading skills and she prefers papers over exams.


Adi Student

Adi is an 11th grade student. She doesn't support Dorit's decision to submit papers instead of exams and focus on speaking skills. She feels that this will not prepare her for her Bagrut exams which she really cares about.

Your Task

Adi is outspoken and stubborn, she will voice her opinion and oppose Dorit's decision no matter what. She will be eloquent and polite but if she doesn't get her way, she can also be brash.


Hilla Student

Hilla is a good 11th grade student, she feels the Bagrut exams aren't as important as knowing how to use the language in real life. Hilla feels Dorit's decision is a good one.

Your Task

Hilla is soft-spoken and polite, she will insist Dorit made the right choice but she will do so in the nicest way possible.


Scene 1: The beginning of the class


Public Message

Dorit is telling the class she is going to focus on speaking skills and on papers rather than exams. What do you think?


Private (Shortly After previous message)


Dorit: present your reasoning for choosing papers instead of exams and speaking skills rather than reading skills.


Adi: you object to Dorit's choice. You care about your grades and think she should focus on the Bagrut exam. State your opinion and be stubborn!


Hilla: you support Dorit's choice. You think knowing how to talk is more important than the Bagrut exam. State your opinion and support your teacher.


Public Message (Shortly After previous message)

Dorit is waiting for your opinion! 


Public Message (a while after previous message)

The class debate is almost over! Cast your vote now


Dorit will present her idea to the class, to submit papers instead of exams and focus on speaking skills rather than on reading comprehension skills.

Option 1
Support Dorit
Option 2
Oppose Dorit

Ending message for when most people voted for option

Option 1

You have supported Dorit, think about your reasoning!

Option 2

You have opposed Dorit, think about your reasoning!

Discussion Points

+ what is more important: the Bagrut exam or knowing the language?

+ what is more important: knowing how to solve an unseen or knowing how to talk?

+ can there be compormise?