Tech, Yes or No? - Game Script Team Work


Schools are becoming more and more technological. Not all teams are willing or interested in including technological tools into their program. The English as a second language (ESL) team is no exception.

The team in this school, has decided they want to integrate more technology into the classroom.

A discussion among the colleagues of this ESL staff will help you find out what's out there and whether it's a good idea to incorporate some tools or not.


Mrs. Natalie Greenspoon ESL Team Coordinator and ESL Teacher

Natalie has been an ESL teacher for 35 years. She has been teaching  for a long time and is considered a professional in her field. She has trained many novice teachers who had come to work in her team, and then left. She runs the ESL team like her own kingdom.

Natalie is rather set in her way. She is doing what she has always done. She doesn't see a good reason to make any changes. She is not computer literate and has a fear of computers and technology, but she won't admit it.

Your Task

You have to convince your team that your way of doing things is the best way. After all, it has worked well for over 30 years, why do things have to change? Provide evidence for your way of teaching by providing examples of your successes.


Ms. Mary-Lou Singer ESL teacher and tech enthusiast

Mary-Lou is a new teacher. This is her third year as an ESL teacher and her second year in this school. She is very excited about being a teacher and she is always looking for new ways to teach, to maybe make her life a little easier in class. She has class management issues but is open to trying ANYTHING to make her lessons more efficient. She would love to add technology as she knows that there are so many options and perhaps that's what the kids of this generation need.

Your Task

You are to present the benefits of technology, stating how you think integrating technology will improve the students' learning process as well as your teaching process. Present points that show why and how integrating various apps, programs, websites and even, yes, the cell phone, could be beneficial for your classes and for all the classes in the school.


Mrs. Jennifer Sanders ESL Teacher

Jennifer is a former photographer in the media. She decided she wanted a change in life and to do something where she can 'give back' to society. She is enthusiastic about everything teaching oriented. She has been at this school for 5 years and has taken on herself to teach all the 'more challenging' classes. She uses a lot of photography in her lessons and the kids love her.

Your Task

You are kind of neutral regarding the whole tech yes or no situation. You know it's a wonderful tool, so if the team decides to go that way, you will be happy. On the other hand, should the team decide not to integrate technology, you'll be fine with just your camera in class, as you have been until now.

You are to present both sides to the team in the discussion, supporting the views that have come up.


Mr. Jimmy Brown Novice ESL Teacher

Jimmy have just finished studying for his teaching certificate and is in his first year of teaching. He was a computer programmer in the past. He created an app that sold for millions and has no need to work for a living any longer. He feels ready to give of his time and energy. That's what led him to become an English teacher. He wants to help others succeed. He had an amazing teacher in high school that encouraged him, which helped him become who he is today. He wants to be that teacher for someone else.

Your Task

You are a firm believer in integration of technology and using a variety of apps in the lesson. You feel that by doing so you offer the students' an opportunity to be ready for life in the 21st century. You have made yourself familiar with many educational technology tools and have found a few that you feel are extremely useful. Present your points trying to convince everyone in the team that even though you are a novice teacher, you know what you are talking about.


Mr. Frank Johnson ESL and Art Teacher

Frank is an art teacher at heart. However, due to cutbacks, his hours were cut and he needed to find a way to continue doing what he loves, teaching. He went back to school to get a teaching certificate for ESL. The school was happy to offer him two classes to teach ESL along with his art hours, so he can work full time.

Your Task

You are an art teacher and believe that everything should be hands on. You aren't crazy about computers as you feel they limit the children's creativity. Doing hands on work, drawing, cutting, sculpting, etc. are more useful and a more effective way of studying anything, including ESL.

You have to convince the others that if the team integrated technology, it would be a disservice to the children, not enabling them to be free to express themselves.


Scene 1:


Public Message

The school administration has decided to become part of the 21st century and to include technology into the classroom, more than the occasional use of PowerPoint.

Discuss the pros and cons of integration of technology. If you are for the integration, provide as much information as you can regarding the benefits. If you are against the integration, you must convince the others that leaving things as they have been for the past 10 years and there is no reason to change.


Private (a while after previous message)

Mrs. Natalie Greenspoon :

Explain to your team that you KNOW what you're doing and there is absolutely no need for change.

Ms. Mary-Lou Singer:

Present some of the pros for using technology as they may pertain to classroom management.

Mrs. Jennifer Sanders :

You are to be neutral by agreeing with each point and saying you see what they mean and why that's a good point.

Mr. Jimmy Brown:

Come on strong making your point for the integration of technology. Explain the wonders of it and how useful it could be.

Mr. Frank Johnson:

Present your case for including more art in the lessons and why technology might be hindering artistic expression.


Public Message (a while after previous message)

You should all be discussing a few different technological tools. Each tool should be discussed separately so that it gets the focus it deserves.


Decide, based on the points presented in the discussion if integration of technology should be compulsory in your classes.

Option 1
Option 2

Ending message for when most people voted for option

Option 1

Good for you. Now you are helping the students become ready for the 21st century.

Option 2

It's rather a shame you made this decision. The world is changing.

Discussion Points

What is the value of integration of technology in the ESL classroom?

How should it be integrated, if at all?