The Voyagers of Tomorrow - Game Script Find a New Planet for the Human Race


The year is 2515. The Earth is dying.

There are 700 thousand people left on Earth after The Age of Disasters- in the last three hundred years humanity has been suffering from massive natural disasters. The icebergs have melted completely, creating enormous floods all over the globe, which erased most of the coast line cities. Earthquakes have ruined many other populated zones. These events caused massive migration to Afrasia- the last continent that has left on the surface. As a result of over population in Afrasia, a plague wiped out more than 80% of the citizens.

We are the survivors. For years humanity has been trying to redeem itself and fix the damage, but all the attempts have failed. According to our finest specialists, we have 5-10 years before complete annihilation.

The only hope for the future is to seek another planet.

Our best engineers have created a time-space travelling portal in order to explore suitable planets in different galaxies. The Afrasian Supreme Authority (A.S.A.) has decided to send several teams of specialists to different planets. Each team needs to explore the planet and report A.S.A. 


Captain M. Military woman and a weapon specialist.

25 years old, beautiful and tough.

Your Task

You are assigned to assess the situation on the planet and protect the team.

Your job is to include in the team's report any threats to the new colony. 


Doctor D. He is a Doctor and a biologist.

30 years old, lost all his family to the plague, volunteered for the project, willing to risk his own life.

Your Task

Your mission is to decide whether the planet is suitable for humans' settlement and to treat the team members. Your job is to decide whether it is safe to bring humans to the planet and to check if the new colony can grow food.


Professor C. He is a psychologist and a linguist. He is an activist for the preservation of all living creatures.

He is 17 years old, a gifted child, an orphan raised by A.S.A.

Your Task

Your main mission is to take care of the team members' health and help them work together to achieve their mission. Your other job is to make contact with local intelligent beings (if there are any) and establish good connections for the future co-existence.   


Science Engineer G. She is a top specialist in Geology, Geography and a climatologist

She is 36 years old, she leaves her husband and 2 children to participate in the mission. She is forced to go because she is the best specialist in her field. She is impulsive and hot-tempered person

Your Task

Your job is to approve the conditions on the new planet. You need to report geographical conditions of the planet (how many hours in a day, days in a year, suns and moons in the system, oxygen, water, seasons, etc.) you have all the equipment needed to collect the information you need.


Commander X. He is an arbitrator, assigned by A.S.A. to lead the team.

He is 36 years old. Trained officer and decorated commander.

Your Task

Your job is to make sure all the team members are doing their job. You are also a problem solver. In case of an argument, your decision is final. 


Scene 1: Explore and Report


Public Message



Greetings Team,

You just arrived to planet number 35221, in the Alfa Century Galaxy.


Task 1: Name the planet.

Task 2: Describe the planet you arrived to.


You are to report back in 60 minutes, Earth time.


Additional directions: in case of disagreement between the team members, the final decision will be made by Commander X.


Good Luck - A.S.A

End Message



Greetings Team,


You successfully completed part 1 of your mission. You may proceed to part 2.


Discussion Points