To avenge or not to avenge? That is the question - Game Script "Hamlet" by Shakespeare


Shaik Speare , a well-known theater director, offered you to audition for a part in the play "Hamlet". You didn’t hesitate for a moment...

Now you just have to pass the audition.

Shaik believes in group directing, so she asks the candidates to discuss one of the themes of the play: revenge.

After the discussion she’ll decide who is right for the parts – and who goes home disappointed...

Well, ladies and gentlemen: To avenge, or not to avenge? That is the question!


Hamlet Prince of Denmark

Hamlet, son of the late King Hamlet (Senior) and Gertrude, is a philosophy student at the University of Wittenberg in Germany. After his father’s sudden death, he quits school and returns to Denmark. That his mother, Gertrude, rushed to marry Claudius, his uncle and brother of Hamlet Senior - made ​​Hamlet feel betrayed and angry.

One night the ghost of his dead father appears to him, accusing Claudius of killing him by dripping poison into his ear." If thou didst ever thy dear father love— Revenge his foul and most unnatural murder!" the ghost commands to appalled Hamlet.

Hamlet swears to take revenge quickly - but then things get complicated and the revenge is delayed...

Your Task

Hamlet, your life has suddenly turned up-side-down: your beloved father was murdered and your mother married your reviled uncle. Your father’s ghost is telling you to avenge his death...

You fall into depression... you end your relationship with Ophelia (can’t believe in love anymore)... You have to avenge your father’s death. But as an intellectual, you want to confirm some important facts:

1. Is the ghost indeed that of your father?

2. Is Claudius indeed guilty of the killing your father?

3. Did Gertrude, your mother, know about the murder and cooperate with him?

Until you know the truth, you can’t take revenge...


Scene - 01

Ophelia Hamlet's lover

Ophelia is the daughter of Polonius, adviser to the king, and the sister of Laertes, Hamlet's best friend. After his father’s death, Hamlet shuns her and later accidentally kills her father (thinking he’s Claudius hiding behind the curtain). Ophelia goes mad and dies by drowning in the stream.

Your Task

Ophelia, your world has fallen apart instantly: Hamlet, your lover, who used to read you poetry and court you, has suddenly become the enemy: Talking to you in a blunt and insulting tone, killing your father, and making Laertes, your brother, his great enemy.

You think revenge is part of the men's ego battles... revenge is destructive: death leads to more death, destruction, and war. It turns love into hate. If someone commits a crime, they should be tried and punished. That's all.


Scene - 01

Laertes Ophelia's brother, in the past: Hamlet's friend

Laertes is the son of Polonius, advisor to the King of Denmark. He is Ophelia's brother, guarding her and her advising her on how to act in her relationship with Hamlet.

After Hamlet kills Polonius and Ophelia goes mad and dies, Laertes decides to avenge their death and plots the scheme with Claudius: To stage a duel and kill Hamlet with a poisoned sword.

Your Task

Laertes, you’re a suspicious person and don’t trust anyone (a quality you inherited from your father, who spies on everyone, including you).

After your father was murdered by Hamlet, you hurried back from England to take revenge against the killer. Meanwhile, grief has driven your sister mad and she died by drowning in the stream. Your need for revenge has only increased!

In your opinion, revenge is a natural part of life. You just need to find the right way to take revenge, so as not to get hurt in the process. For this purpose you’re prepared to make plans and plot together with others who share similar interests. King Claudius, for example.


Scene - 01

Fortinbras Prince of Norway

Fortinbras Senior and Hamlet Senior had a duel, in which the loser dies and loses his kingdom to his rival. Fortinbras Senior was killed, and control over Norway was handed over to Hamlet Senior.

Fortinbras junior is determined to regain his kingdom and power, so he recruits an army and sets course to Denmark.

Your Task

Fortinbras, you're a proud, hot-tempered, and very determined prince. You’re going to avenge your father's death and restore the lost glory of the Kingdom of Norway. For you, there’s no other way: honor is honor, and sons must take revenge for their fathers.

Your method is simple: recruit an army and go to battle. No need for anything clever or complex schemes. If you have to kill, don’t talk too much.


Scene - 01

Horatio Hamlet's best friend

Horatio is a philosophy student at the University of Wittenberg in Germany and Hamlet's best friend. He returns to Elsinore to attend the funeral of the king (Hamlet's Father)

Your Task

Horatio, you're Hamlet’s close friend: loyal, dedicated, and you serve as the voice of reason and common sense. You’re the only one in the play who isn’t a traitor or a murderer.

Before his death, Hamlet designates you the role of narrator: the one who will tell the world how Hamlet avenged his father's death.

From the start you opposed Hamlet’s interaction with his father’s ghost. You feared it might lead to madness. And indeed, you were right.

In your opinion, it’s better to give up the revenge plans and follow a more reasonable course of action.


Scene - 01

Scene 1: To avenge or not to avenge? That is the question


Public Message

A message from Shake Speare, your director:

After meeting with the ghost, Hamlet feels he must take revenge on Claudius for murdering his father and marrying his mother.

"Is revenge the best option for me?"

This is what Hamlet wants to know.

You know him better than anyone. What do you think?


Private (Shortly After previous message)


Hamlet, you feel you have no choice. Though you have some doubts, you still believe it is your father's ghost commanding you to take revenge. You must obey!



You too lost your father! Hamlet himself killed him (apparently in a moment of temporary insanity). Still, you think revenge is pointless. You know Hamlet. He is a gentle soul, he’s a philosopher! (That’s why ​​he’s a philosophy student...)

Your task is to convince Hamlet that he can’t commit such a cruel act...



You have no doubts: A real man must avenge his father’s murder. Hamlet will lose his dignity unless he avenges his father's death. You yourself are going to kill him for murdering your father, Polonius! You're just looking for ways to do it...

Your task is to convince Hamlet he has no choice but to take revenge!



It is clear that every man must avenge his father’s death! Your father lost his life and his kingdom in a duel with Hamlet Senior, and even though it was a fair fight, you intend to take revenge!

Hamlet is a prince, and if he doesn’t take revenge he will live in shame forever!

Your task is to convince Hamlet to take revenge, as soon as possible.



Life was great for you and Hamlet as students in Wittenberg - because you didn’t care about things like “Honor” or “Revenge".

Hamlet is a thinker. He is educated and has common sense.

Your task is to persuade him that revenge is unnecessary and destructive.


Public Message (Shortly After previous message)

Shake Speare, your director, reminds you that you can read your sources and find more convincing arguments...


Private (a while after previous message)


Hamlet, did you read what others have written? Don’t forget to comment...


Ophelia, Did you read what others have written? Don’t forget to comment...


Laertes, Did you read what others have written? Don’t forget to comment...


Fortinbras, Did you read what others have written? Don’t forget to comment...


Horatio, did you read what others have written? Don’t forget to comment...


Public Message (a while after previous message)

Have you noticed that all of your fathers (except Horatio’s) were murdered? Will revenge prevent any future acts of murder? Maybe other solutions should be considered?

And if there was another solution, would Shakespeare have even written the play "Hamlet"?


Should Hamlet take revenge, or find another way to handle Claudius the murderer?

Option 1
Take revenge
Option 2
Don’t take revenge

Ending message for when most people voted for option

Option 1

You decided by a majority of votes that Hamlet must find another way to handle Claudius the murderer.

Option 2

You decided by a majority of votes that Hamlet must take revenge.

Discussion Points

  1. What makes the play "Hamlet" more complex than a simple play about vendetta?
  2. What are the ethical and practical implications of revenge?
  3. How do we deal with acts of murder today? What tools do we have in the modern, democratic world?
  4. What made it so hard for Hamlet to take revenge against Claudius? What did his hesitation cause?