All for one and one for all? - Game Script Collective Punishment in Class


During a Math lesson while Mr. Back-Eyes was standing with his back turned to the pupils one of the students made funny noises that distracted the class as well as the teacher.

Mr. Back-Eyes was extremely mad and demanded to know who was behind it.

There was  total silence in the class and nobody spoke.

After a few minutes Mr.Back-Eyes decided to punish the whole class and gave them a quiz the next lesson.

Some of the pupils rebeled against the collective punishment and some felt it was the right thing to do.

Help us decide what's the right thing to do!


Mr. Back-Eyes Math teacher

Mr.Back-Eyes is the oldest teacher in the school. He doesn't have the will or the patience to investigate students. Lately though he feels that students and parents are interfering too much with the school policy.

Your Task

You are for collective punishment in school. Try to convince others that it's the right decision.You believe that collective punishment has always been the very effective tool to handle discipline problems.


Scene - 01

Mrs. Mommy-Care a concerned parent

 I tell my son to not follow the group, and be your own boss. Just because other kids do or say or think something doesn't mean you should do it too. Unfortunately the concept of collective punishment undermines my authority at home and it confuses kids who try their best to do the right thing. 

Your Task

You are against collective punishment. Try to convince others that you are right.Collective punishment is basically school administrators and teachers trying to use peer pressure to bully or guilt kids into behaving.


Scene - 01

Know -All Cal A student in Mr.Back-Eyes class

Know-All Cal is a student in Mr.Back-Eyes class. He  knows who made noises during Math lesson. Know-All Cal is an A student but the only subject he has difficulties with is Math. 

Your Task

You are against being punished and against collective punishment. Try to convince that you are right. You agree with Mrs. Mommy -Care. You hate the fact that now you have a Math quiz as a punishment.


Scene - 01

Jobe A student in Mr. Back-Eyes class

Jobe was the one who made noises during Mr.Back-Eyes lesson. He doesn't want to disappoint his parents because he already has too many comments in his report card. His friends know that he never confesses his misconducts in class but this time they pressure him to admit it was him. Will this time be different? NEhhhhh  

Your Task

Jobe doesn't like being punished and tries to get around it as much as possible. He is against collective punishment but he won't admit he was the one to blame.


Scene - 01

Princess the Principal The principal of the school

Princess the principal has been the principal of the school for 5 long years. This is her last year at school and she wants it to be a meaningful  one. She has heard from the concerned Mommy-Care about the collective punishment and by Mr.Back-Eyes about the distruptive lesson and she is tangled between the two.... 

Your Task

You like your students polite and well behaved but you are torn between the pressure from the parents and the pressure from the staff.


Scene - 01

Scene 1: All for one and one for all???


Public Message

Jobe made funny noises during Mr. Back-Eyes lesson. He wasn't ready to admit so the whole class got a math quiz as a collective punishment. What do you think about it?


Private (Shortly After previous message)

Mr. Back-Eyes:

You believe that collective punishment is a very effective  tool in class.

Mrs. Mommy-Care:

Punishing the whole class, more so by giving them a quiz is by no means the right way to educate the pupils.

Know -All Cal:

Having a quiz as apunishment for something youhaven't done is wrong and you are also very weak at Math. What can you do?


You don't want to tell it was you that made the noises but you also don't like being punished.

Princess the Principal:

You are torn between your staff and the parents. You like your students well behaved but you also like the school parents pleased.


Public Message (Shortly After previous message)

Read your resourses and form your opinioin on the topic.


Public Message (a while after previous message)

Please read others' opinions and comment on them! Choose a character you disagree with and try to challange her/him.


Now it's time to vote!!!

Option 1
Collective punishment is the best
Option 2
Ban collective punishment for all
Option 3
You are not for or against. Give an alternative !

Ending message for when most people voted for option

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Discussion Points

  1. Discuss the vote results and state what were the most interesting arguments. 
  2. Does this incident ring a bell to you? Have you met one of those characters in real life?