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Run and monitor the game during your lesson.


Facilitate a post-game discussion with discussion points.

What happens in class during the game?





Estimated time 25min






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  • 1.Registration and Character Preparation

    Participants register for the game with a code that you'll provide. Then, they'll be taken through a wizard which assigns them a character, gives them background information about the game, and, most importantly, provides them with resources that will prepare them for the discussion.
  • 2.Game On!

    This is where the role playing and discussions happen. The teacher's control panel will enable you to view discussions, comment, collect feeds for the class discussion, and hand out badges!
  • 3.Vote

    After listening to all sides, the students will have a chance to vote on the issues according to their own opinions.
  • 4.Post-Game Discussion

    To help you facilitate a post game discussion, you'll be provided with interesting point to cover.