1. Atheism implies that life is meaningless

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Atheists just don’t need the hopes of an afterlife to give meaning to their real life. In fact, when you cut the unproven fat away from your life, it becomes much more meaningful. This is because for non-believers, happiness lies in making the most out of every day we have.

Not only is life not meaningless for Atheists, I would argue that everyday life means more.

2. Atheists have no motivation to be good people, since they don’t believe in heaven or hell

Though it is true we aren’t motivated by heaven or hell to be good people, notice we are still good people. This is because humans simply do not need religious motivation to have morals. In fact, the moral code of an atheist is much more pure, as we use it because we want to live peacefully, not for an eternal prize.

According to Christopher Hitchens, “Human decency is not derived from religion. It precedes it.”

3. Atheists Claims that No God Exists

Atheists reject the claim made by religious people, who say there is a god. There is a huge difference between claiming there is no god and rejecting the claim that there is a god.

We simply live in search of truth, using logic and reason to come to our decisions. In doing that, it has become obvious that there is simply no proof of religious claims. Therefore, we deem those claims unbelievable. We’re not saying they are 100% false, there is just no evidence to believe they are true.

Personally, I think there is enough evidence stacked up against religion to completely disprove it. But that is just my opinion, not the definition of atheism.

4. Since Atheists are a fringe group (minority), they shouldn’t be taking as seriously

There was once a time in America when the majority of people endorsed slavery. Ten years ago, the majority of people strongly opposed gay marriage. Many still do.

The only reason religious people are still in the majority is because of the timing of humanity. We are finally getting smarter and breaking away from the chains of religion. Great Britain recently became one of the first countries to have a majority of non-believers and funny, they haven’t gone up in flames yet.

In this case, the minority group is just people who reject a claim because of absolutely no proof. If you’re not taking Atheists seriously now, you will in the future. The numbers are increasing rapidly.

5. Atheists dislike religious people

I’m a big Minnesota Vikings fan and I can honestly say I hate the Green Bay Packers. Do I hate the players on the team? Absolutely not. I dislike the organization, but recognize that there are a lot of good people on the team.

Atheists are the same way with religious people. We like you, we just don’t like your religion because it brings harm to the world. If you are a religious person and atheists don’t like you, it is probably because you are a bad person.